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Chief Photographer and Photo Retoucher

Born into a family of chefs on the Sunny Island of Jamaica Jason instantly fell in love with the essence of food.   With over 15  years of working on menu development, restaurant concept creation and creating delicious dishes, Jason has a keen eye when it comes on to food presentation. He brings to the table  10 years  experience styling and photographing food to make sure your photos engage the visual taste of the viewer. But more importantly, his process used to tell the version of your  story is why you want to hire him.

He will discover your story then style and photograph the right look for your restaurant menu or food product. Your food photos will tell your very best story in a cohesive, professional fashion with a great aesthetic that is totally delicious.

See our photo session packages, Jason  always aspires to be prepared for a shoot that is efficient, artistic, and effective. Food is his  focus, specialty, and passion!

Your Shoot  is a unique art that transcends the viewer to a culinary journey in their imagination. Focus, light, color, and composition impact and engage the viewer's senses and emotions. Images speak a thousand words; let us make you or your client's project look delicious!


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Stephanie Irwin

Senior Wedding, Event, and Portrait Photographer

Stephanie Irwin is a Seattle-based portrait and event photographer who collaborates with other photographers and non-profits in the area.  She has owned and operated her own business, Stephanie Lynne Photography, for over 6 years and has worked as a second shooter for photographers in multiple cities across the country. As a physical therapist by trade and a lover of world travel, she utilizes her passion for photography to support global health efforts in rehabilitation in Central America.